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So I really  DO NOT  have to go to the shop my insurance company recommends?
Not at all. You can have your car repaired by any shop of your choosing.
You can have your car repaired at any shop of your choosing.  DO NOT  let the insurance company tell you where to go.

All you need to do is call the insurance company who will be paying for the damages & let them know what happened. They will then give you a claim number. This number is used to track your claim with the insurance company & secure payment from them.

Once you have a claim number, call Brady's & we can take it from there. Every other aspect of the claim can be handled by Brady's to minimize the stress & hassle of dealing with the accident.
Do I need an appointment to have my car looked at?

Yes, you need to call & make an appointment. If you have time restraints, it usually only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Many times the damage will be hard to see without removing components such as the bumper cover or fender. In this case an estimate may not be very accurate or helpful.

One of the team members at Brady's will let you know if it will be best to just drop your car off for repairs rather than get an estimate.
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