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  Car Insurance 'Direct Repair' Body Shop Program  
  At Brady's Auto Body Shop & Collision Center, we process two types of repairs: ones where we have a relationship with an insurance company (in our industry it's called a "drp" or a direct repair program) & ones where we don't. After an accident, automobile owners generally want repairs done on the vehicle as soon as possible to avoid missing more work than necessary or racking up rental costs. The process for getting an insurance provider to sign off on payments to your mechanic of choice often takes time. Direct repair programs tend to speed up the repair process. Rather than work out an agreement individually with a mechanic for every claim, insurance providers make agreements with repair shops ahead of time. The shops agree to meet quality & guarantee requirements set out by the insurance company. Additionally, the shops agree to take on additional administrative duties, such as extra paperwork, in exchange for the extra business.

What is a Direct Repair Program? This is how a direct repair program works: You're involved in an accident & contact your auto insurance company or the insurer of the at-fault driver. The auto insurance company then refers you to a network of conveniently located repair facilities that offer a limited lifetime warranty on the repairs to your vehicle. The service might also offer on-site rental car arrangements. Because the insurance company & the collision shop handle all the details & paperwork, you don't have to. Although this type of agreement can generate additional paperwork for a body shop, it can also prevent delays. When an additional part is needed for a repair, the shop doesn't have to stop working on a vehicle to wait for an insurance adjuster to re-evaluate the situation. Insurance companies promote the advantages of a direct repair program to their customers as convenience, warranties on repair work & the freedom from estimates & other paperwork details. The good part about using a DRP shop to repair your vehicle is that you just drop off your vehicle & the shop does all the dealing with the insurance company.

Below are some of our Insurance Co. Direct Repair Partners
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DRP repair facilities meet the insurance company's criteria of their specific program & they agree to do business in that manner. The insurance company's purpose of DRP (Direct Repair Programs) is to streamline the claims settlement process and they work closely with a select repair facility to accomplish that. The facility agrees to provide many of the administrative duties of the insurance carrier in exchange for the referral.
What does this "relationship" really mean? This relationship is an equitable partnership that looks out for both party's interests and allows us, the auto body repair experts to focus on quality and safety. Another way of explaining a direct repair program would be to say that both the shop & the insurance company are partnering to serve a similar interest, the customer. At Brady's Auto Body Shop & Collision Center, we believe a direct repair relationship is an equitable partnership between the shop and the insurance company. There are Direct Repair Programs that are not equitable and thus we do not participate in those programs. So what does it mean if Brady's Auto Body Shop & Collision Center doesn’t have that relationship with your insurance company? It means the paperwork for the repair process is somewhat different but the repair processes are the same. Understand there is value to insurance companies directing you to go to “their” shops. We believe as long as the program allows us to provide quality and safe auto body work at a reasonable price, we will participate with those companies.
It has been our experience that some of the preferred network programs do not lend themselves to enough profits to create the atmosphere of a good business relationship that enables a shop to invest in their businesses. For that reason insurance companies from time to time might be directed to abc body shop then, the next time you have a need for a repair, you are directed to 123 body shop.
We are a direct repair shop for many different insurance companies. Our shop is inspected by each one prior to being selected and also provide warranties from each to guarantee our work. This is not only a privilege for us but makes the whole process for our customers much smoother. We work well with any insurance company even if we are not a direct repair shop for them.
We take these relationships seriously and look for partners for the long term. We have been serving Vancouver, Orchards, Mill Plain, Cascade Park, and Clark County with outstanding quality and safe auto body work for over 10 years now. So you might come to us because of our relationship with an insurance company and you might come to us because you heard we do great work! Either way we are glad you visited us and look forward to helping you again should you need us!
If you've had an accident call your insurance agent & then call Brady's Auto Body Repair Shop & Collision Center. As a partner in the Direct Repair Program, we can save you the headache of running from place to place gathering claim forms, insurance paperwork & repair estimates. As an authorized DRP body shop, we work directly with your insurance company using electronic claim filing & repair approval.
Direct Repair is available through most major insurance companies and allows for the almost-immediate repair of your damaged vehicle. When you call Brady's Auto Body Shop & Collision Center and request DRP, we will complete your claim form and an estimate of repairs and send them electronically to your claims office along with photos of your vehicle if necessary. Once we have your approval we will begin to repair your vehicle. When the repairs are complete, you pay any applicable deductibles as required by your insurance policy and the remainder of the bill is sent to your insurance company. It doesn't get much easier than that! You receive quicker service and drive away with our workmanship and product warranties in place.
A Direct Repair Shop has proven itself to offer excellent workmanship and competitive pricing. Brady's Auto Body Shop & Collision Center is pleased to have earned this distinction and to offer this program to its customers. For customers whose insurance companies don't participate in this program, we still offer free repair estimates with no obligation. Brady's Auto Body Shop & Collision Center is ready to help you through your difficult time following an accident or collision. You'll find our customer service and auto body workmanship are second to none &  we're ready to help you!
More than 137 million passenger cars travel the highways & streets of America. As you can imagine, this leads to a staggering number of accidents. One of your automobiles could be next. The vehicle repair process often consumes significant amounts of time & creates many inconveniences - all of which can lead to inefficiencies for you & your family. A repair shop must meet or exceed a number of standards to participate in a Direct repair Program. They include: -- High quality workmanship   |   -- Use of state-of-the-art frame & uni-body repair equipment   |   -- Compliance with EPA standards for painting & repair operations   |  -- Cleanliness of the facility
Satisfying these requirements is just the beginning. Insurance company representatives make personal visits to all participating shops at least once a year to ensure compliance with those standards. The selection & audit process is extremely effective as repair shop turnover averages less than five percent per year.
The DRP program creates value in many ways. Some are quite obvious. Quality workmanship & responsive service are just the beginning. DRPs offer many unique features that non-DRP shops will not be able to match. Consider the following:  -- Priority repair of your vehicle   |   -- Repair facility is not asked for discounted parts/labor in exchange for priority repairs - quality & service are our highest priorities   |  -- Lifetime warranty on workmanship for as long as you own you vehicle
Service is an integral part of our offerings. We use tools such as DRP to create tangible value for you. The DRP program provides quality workmanship, expedited service & a series of unique features designed with you in mind. Your time & resources are valuable. Utilizing our DRP shop will reduce your downtime & expenses - two factors that will positively impact you. Brady's Auto Body Shop & Collision Center: Providing quality service, workmanship & convenience.