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Brady's Auto Body has been family owned & operated since 2002. We take pride in our customer service & outstanding body work. All of our repair techs & painters are I-CAR certified & we have state-of-the-art equipment to make the repair process more efficient. We're proud to be the #1 referred body shop by Vancouver Toyota. We're also a preferred shop with many of the major insurance companies. We offer a "Lifetime Guarantee" for any body work completed by us for as long as you own the vehicle. Come in for a FREE estimate just make an appointment via the below link & enjoy a free cup of coffee while you wait. We'll do everything we can to make your claim run as smooth as possible from setting up your rental vehicle to a ride home after you drop off your vehicle -to- a ride back to pick it up once it is repaired.

Brady's Auto Body's a local, family-owned business that's been providing the highest quality auto body collision repairs in Vancouver for nearly 15 years. Brady's has the knowledge & experience to ensure you receive the best quality refinishing to recapture the original factory look. We specialize in Toyota vehicles & are Vancouver Toyota's body shop & we use Vancouver Toyota Rent a Car. At Brady's Auto Body, we do more than provide a good product; we work with the customer from start to finish.

Come visit & we'll show you around our new state-of-the-art shop. View the repair process, meet our staff, or ask questions to further understand the entire process. Our policies & standards are designed to provide prompt, competent, courteous & professional service. We cater to every detail by staffing our shop with repair specialists who care. We use factory compatible paints by painters with over 30 years experience
We also mix our own paints to your cars exact color to guarantee your satisfaction. We're #1 in customer satisfaction with Clark County's highest insurance rating & provide a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. You can have your car repaired at any shop of your choice. Don't let the insurance company tell you where to go. You only need to call the insurance company paying for the damages & let them know what happened. They'll give you a claim number used to track your claim & secure payment.
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Family owned shop in business for over 25 years.
We work with all insurance companies.

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Summer, 2005: 'Mend it Man' Brady Lander ('02) Owner, Brady's Auto Body, Inc. - Vancouver, Washington. Brady Lander bought his Vancouver, Wash. Auto Body shop before he even had graduated from Warner Pacific.

Brady Lander ('02) has never considered himself a corporate man. In 2001, when he was studying business at Warner Pacific, he arranged an internship with a mom-and-pop auto body shop in his hometown of Vancouver, WA, specifically to learn about running a small business. Lander proved such a quick study that at the end of the internship, the owners offered to sell him their business on contract so they could enjoy a long-awaited retirement. Lander crafted a business plan and asked his father, Vancouver-based accountant Phil Lander ('72), to become a silent business partner. Brady's Auto Body was born. "I look back and I think I've only been doing it for months and it's been three years," said Lander, 24. "I feel old."

Bootstrap marketing: Unlike the previous owners, who depended solely on word-of-mouth for business, Lander has put plenty of effort into marketing the business, especially through direct mailings. And the effort is paying off. He currently has ten employees and more business than his current shop can handle. He recently secured financing to construct a 13,000 square-foot shop that will open just down the road in November. He plans to stock it with entirely new equipment, as well. "I think it's less risky to own my own business because I control my future," Lander said. "My business is going to grow or it's going to die depending upon what I do. The biggest advertisers are the people who have gotten their cars fixed and are happy."

Although Lander has learned plenty about operating a business, he wasn't a stranger to the tools of the auto body trade. He and his father restore hot rods as a hobby. His studies at Warner Pacific helped round out the business theory he needed to turn his love of cars into a viable business. "The Business professors taught us the basics," Lander said. "I use human resources, marketing, finances. I use everything we were taught."

A matter of money: Lander says the practical aspects of running the business haven't been that difficult. Securing financing for his new shop, however, put his business sense to the test. "I wrote the business plan and brought it to a bank," Lander said. "If you can show someone what your vision is and how you're going to pay them back, they're willing to loan you the money. It's cost-risk analysis for them too."

Lander's ultimate goal is to turn more of the day-to-day operations over to his employees so he can spend more time with his wife Tana (Teague, '02) and one-year-old daughter, Taylor. He easily puts in 65 hours a week running the shop now. "I'm not looking to get rich," Lander said. "I want to make a good living for my family. With anything, you have to step out on a limb and surround yourself with good people to help you."
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